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Babalicious Babble Band

My first ever blog, product review and it wouldn't be right or correct if it wasn't something to do with me being a dad. It's my favourite thing to do! Watching footie, box sets and films, going to the gym and playing on Playstation 4 or X Box all take the back seat when you become a dad. Although, all those things and travelling are all high on my agenda too as you will see in blogs to come.

I was thrilled when Summer Infant asked me to review their Babble Band, us dad's love a gadget and what a superb gadget this is.

You get a base unit which also doubles up as a charger for the wrist band monitor. It's a genius design. The base unit stays wherever your baby sleeps and the wrist band is worn by you. I love the wrist band because it means you can get stuff done while your baby sleeps, so you don' have to stay in one room or have numerous units about the house.

Not only does the wrist band have superb sound quality and picks up the slightest murmur from your child, it also has a vibration setting, which is wonderful if you are vacuuming or having a workout at home. As if that's not enough, there is also a light up setting so if I'm on the phone to my agent or Hollywood, they don't need to know I'm cutting the call short because I'm on daddy day care and my little cherub has just woken up demanding I play, 'This little piggy went to market'.

The base unit charges the wrist band up for up to 8 hours of use and the wrist band fits my 6 ft 1 frame as well as my partner Sarah's, tiny 4 ft 11 frame.

I think this product will even be useful when Phoenix is older as we can listen to him playing in his playroom while we get the chores done.

I really cannot recommend this clever monitor by Summer Infant enough. Thank you for giving me the privilege of reviewing it!

You can buy this product from the brilliant 'Kiddicare Store' - please click on their logo to be linked to their website...

Thanks for reading. More soon.

Cheers Ayden x

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